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Cool Eye™

Cool Eye

Cool Eye™ is a brand name now synonymous with thermopile innovations for conserving energy. In fact, leading marketplace innovators in energy-efficient appliances are turning to Excelitas and our Cool Eye™ brand for OEM indoor climate control solutions.

Excelitas' new Cool Eye™ Thermopile Array Family is designed for applications that require low resolution 3-D thermal images capable of resolving humans and small animals without the use of expensive, high-resolution infrared imaging cameras. Excelitas' innovative 16-element thermopile array has increased sensitivity as compared to older models, thus enhancing energy conservation in today’s HVAC applications.

With the Cool Eye™ brand, you benefit from Excelitas' legacy of continued innovations in infrared sensing technology. The Cool Eye™ brand means energy conservation.

Cool Eye Datasheets - Cool Eye modules with Integral Optics for Safety and Security: