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Custom Energetic Materials, Components and Laser Initiated Energetic Devices

Custom Energetic Materials, Components and Laser Initiated Energetic Devices

Excelitas has over 50 years of experience manufacturing pyrotechnic devices, cartridge and propellant actuated devices (CAD/PAD), and energetic pellets and powders. We have produced a large array of custom energetic devices to meet specific customer requirements for many Department of Defense and National Nuclear Safety Administration systems. Excelitas ensures the reliability and consistent performance of each energetic device through control of in-house recrystallization, processing, and pressing of our own explosive powders. Each of our energetic components is designed to withstand severe temperature and mechanical environments without damage or degradation.

Laser Initiated Energetic Devices

In addition to our family of pyrotechnic devices we manufacture several laser initiated energetic devices for applications where total immunity to stray electromagnetic fields is required. In these applications, laser initiated devices provide an added margin of safety over hot wire initiated devices. Our laser initiated energetic devices exhibit the same performance properties as hot wire initiated solutions with custom designs and outputs available to meet application specific criteria. These devices can be fiber coupled or integrated solutions.

Key Capabilities

•  In-house powder blending and powder recrystallization
•  In-house pellet pressing
•  Glass ceramic technology
•  Extensive in-house testing
    -  Vibration
    -  Drop shock
    -  Thermal shock
    -  Humidity
    -  Extreme temperatures
    -  Long-term aging
    -  Explosive testing