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DigiPyro® is the one and only truly Digital Pyroelectric Infrared Detector Family. With the DigiPyro® Family, Excelitas has truly set the standard in digital motion and presence detection.

The DigiPyro® brand is based on next-generation digital signal outputs. With DigiPyro®, information is displayed in Bit form as opposed to mV signals of analog detectors.

With DigiPyro® digital pyrodetectors, you benefit from:

  • Reduced cost and space requirements, when compared to analog circuitry
  • Low EMI sensitivity
  • Unique responsivity
  • Range of window sizes
  • TO housings
  • New – SMD Housings
  • Growing product range including “Smart” and “Mini” models, Dual-channel and Triple-channel models, and Dual-element SMD models

Benefit from Excelitas' legacy of continued innovations in infrared sensing technology.

The DigiPyro® brand means energy conservation.