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Environmental Analytics

Environmental analysis is of great importance in today’s world for a host of reasons including health, environmental, and socio-economic. Environmental Analytics provides us with answers to questions and concerns about potential workplace health hazards – those caused by workplace conditions, materials or machinery. Environmental Analytics, of course, looks at the quality of our water, our air – both ambient and indoor, our food, and our soils to assay whether there are threats to our health and safety – and the well-being of our families.

Low light level detectors offered by Excelitas are used in the instruments that perform   environmental testing and analysis, thus creating a healthier and safer environment.

Did You Know?

Annually, millions of tons of sulfur dioxide are released into the environment, principally through acid rain and smog. Sulfur dioxide has a negative impact on lifetime and performance of exhaust catalysts and introduction of low sulfur fuel is a prerequisite for the utilization of new exhaust clean-up techniques such as NOx-traps. (NOx tends to be colorless and odorless)

Excelitas' low light level detectors are used in state-of-the-art gas chromatography instruments for analyzing sulfur levels in fuel.