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Hazardous Lighting

Hazardous Lighting

When it comes to your hazardous area and obstruction lighting needs, let Excelitas put the power of our custom LED Solutions to work for you. Excelitas designs, develops and manufactures custom LED lighting solutions that reduce your re-lamping and maintenance costs, increase energy-efficiency, and improve the ruggedness and durability of the illumination product.

Our LED-based Illumination Solutions include:

  • Custom Hazardous LED Lighting Fixtures for Class I/II Compliance
  • Custom LED Light Engines
  • Optical and Thermal Modeling
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design

Trust Excelitas for your energy-efficient, hazardous area lighting needs. We are an illumination partner working with you to help ensure a safer and more secure tomorrow.

Did You Know?

Excelitas has experience in design and manufacturing of custom LED light engines for Class I/II Hazardous Area Lighting.