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Electro-Optical Smoke Detection – Optoelectronic Components and SMD Opto Assemblies

Smoke Detector

Excelitas has been working closely with the pioneers in the smoke detection field for more than 20 years and is a proven leader in supporting electro-optical smoke detection. An electro-optical smoke detector consists of an Infrared LED (IRED) and Photodiode (PD) assembly, which exhibits a signal under the presence of smoke in the detection volume (i.e. smoke chamber). Excelitas offers IRED and PD components as well as customized Opto Assemblies with specified “Transfer Function,” which is the PD output signal under a certain reflection value.

Excelitas is pleased to introduce a unique Surface-Mount design device (SMD) – its new OpticBlockTM - suited to high-volume production of smoke detector assemblies.

Excelitas’ OpticBlockTM consists of a pre-aligned PD and IRED in a fixed optical and mechanical configuration. As a single component, the OpticBlockTM is ready to assemble into a smoke chamber used for electro-optical smoke detection. It is available in “Tape and Reel” packaging, for automated, SMD-compatible assembly and solder reflow.

Please contact Excelitas to discuss your specific electro-optical smoke detection requirements.