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Silicon Photomultiplier
Modules (LynX®)

LynX Module

Excelitas has developed the new LynX® Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Module, a compact, easy-to-use, analogue low light level detection module using Excelitas’ SiPM chip in a hermetic, TO-8 package integrated with TE-cooler, stable voltage power supply circuit, and low-noise transimpedance amplifier.

The LynX® SiPM Module takes excellent advantage of the characteristics of Excelitas’ SiPM chip with low dark noise and excellent responsivity at longer wavelengths.

Excelitas’ new LynX-A-050-33-T1-A Module delivers high PDE, high linearity and dynamic range, and has an excellent S/N ratio, as compared to traditional PMTs and other SiPM solutions on the market.

Contact us to learn more about the new LynX® SiPM Module for low light level detection applications, to request a datasheet and sample, and to discuss your specific requirements.

At Excelitas, we firmly believe that low light level detection doesn’t have to be elusive.