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Thermopile Infrared Detectors and Sensors

Thermopile Detectors, Sensors and Array Modules

Among our Thermal Infrared (IR) detectors offering, Excelitas Thermopile Sensors are enabling many leading-edge non-contact temperature measurement applications including smart home and smart appliances, intelligent thermostats and HVAC control systems, and ear and forehead thermometers.

Thermopile IR Detectors and Sensors

Excelitas offers a wide range of Thermopile IR Detectors in TO-type metal housings, which can include a thermistor as reference, or built in lenses and reflectors to enhance sensing performance. There is also a line of SMD Thermopiles (surface mount device) to offer you significant space efficiency and streamlined integration.

The all NEW CaliPile™ represents the latest innovation in thermal IR sensing. The only one of it’s kind, CaliPile is an intelligent, multifunction thermal infrared sensor. In addition to traditional non-contact temperature measurement capabilities, CaliPile offers motion detection and presence monitoring across short to medium ranges… all from a single and compact unit! >>> Learn more

Excelitas DigiPile® was the first digital output Thermopile Sensor enabling direct connection to your microprocessor and streamlining integration. The DigiPile line of Thermal IR Detectors are designed specifically for non-contact temperature measurement and are available in traditional TO-46 and TO-5 metal housings, as well as our SMD (Surface Mount Device) models in an ultra-compact, ceramic-type package (TPiS 1S 1253).

Our unique ISO-Thermal sensor concept delivers an important upgrade to the thermopile family; by utilizing the unique, patented construction of our ISO-thermal sensors, Excelitas is able to offer a range of devices with improved performance, delivering substantially improved temperature measurement performance under thermal shock conditions.

With Excelitas Thermal IR solutions, you are not limited to standard “off-the-shelf” designs. For high-volume applications, we offer expedient custom designs , specifically engineered and manufactured to fulfill the most demanding applications. >>> CLICK to inquire

Thermopile Modules

With its range of Thermopile Modules Excelitas offers you a series for plug-and-play function and streamlined systems integration. The modules consist of a thermopile sensor mounted on a PCB with a connector. The PCB can also provide for optional features such as voltage regulation and a noise-reduction filter.

The ISO-Thermal module includes integrated temperature compensation for a defined temperature environment and the calibration to a certain object temperature range. Modules are offered as programmed per individual customer request, and there is a range of standard versions. For requirements of defined spot sizes, we offer sensors with a field of view defined by optical apertures, internal lenses or external mirror optics.

A temperature reference output is included. Upon request, the thermopile modules can also be supplied as calibrated modules but without internal temperature compensation. In this case the customer will do the temperature compensation externally with the use of the supplied reference output.

Visit our IR Detection Video Library for informative videos on the many features, functions and applications for Excelitas’ fine IR Sensing products.

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Did you know that Excelitas’ Thermopile Sensors are key components in enabling non-contact body temperature measurement in the world’s leading ear and forehead thermometers?

Thermopile Modules
TPiD 1S 0121TPiS 1S 0133 Single Element SMD THERMOPILE DETECTORS FOR General purpose temperature monitoring.
TPiD 1T 0224TPiD 1T 0224 Single Element Thermopile Detector, TO-39
TPiD 1T 0226 IRATPiD 1T 0226 IRA
TPiD 1T 0226 L5.5TPiD 1T 0226 L5.5 Thermopile Detector with integrated Lense
TPiD 1T 0625TPiD 1T 0625 Single Element Thermopile Detector, TO-5
TPD 0122TPD 0122 Thermopile Detector for Infant Ear Thermometry
TPD 0223TPD 0223 Thermopile Detector for Gas Sensing and MeasurementDatasheet
TPD 2T 0625TPD 2T 0625 Dual Channel Thermopile Detector for Gas Sensing
TPD 1T 0226 L5.5TPD 1T 0226 L5.5 Thermopile Detector with Integral Optics
TPD 1T 0226 IRATPD 1T 0226 IRA Thermopile Detector with Integral Optics
TPD 1T 0624TPD 1T 0624 Thermopile Detector for Measurement
TPD 1T 0524TPD 1T 0524 Thermopile Detector for Measurement