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U-Shape Flash Lamps

Excelitas is the premier flashlamp producer in the world for a wide range of applications.  We actively participate in the advancement of flashlamp technology through extensive research in materials, technology and production processes.

Our U-shape flashlamps are available in a few standard sizes to suit popular applications.  This shape is suitable for circular reflector applications and only requires a moderate amount of glass forming.

On request we can design any custom size to suit your needs and provide complete customized plug-in solutions – lamps, sockets and integrated trigger coils.

U-shape flash lamps can be produced in all available envelope materials.

Applications include:

  • Medical applications
  • Warning Beacons and tower strobes
  • Professional Photography
  • Machine Vision
  • Architectural and effects lighting

Excelitas takes pride in providing solid state and Xenon-based lighting products and solutions that help to create a brighter, healthier and safer environment.

Product List
AU 0023 NN (G) (H)B1Application Note
BR 8980 (H)B2Application Note
BU 0690 (H)B1Application Note
BU 2680-6 (H)B2Application Note
BU 9902 (H)Q1Application Note
BUB 0641 RD (G)(H)B1Application Note
BUB 0661 (G) (H)B1Application Note
BUS 0635 RM (G) (H)B1Application Note
BUS 0980 PL 2 (H)B1Application Note
CU 1640 PAL (H)B1Application Note
DU 7670 (G) (H)B1Application Note
DU 8901-1 (H)B1Application Note
DU 8902-1 (H)Q1Application Note
SU 401-1 (H)B1Application Note
SU 405-2 (H)B1Application Note
SU 414 (H)Q1Application Note