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X-Ray Photodiode Arrays for X-Ray Scanning

These photodiode arrays are used to generate an X-ray image by scanning an object line by line. The X-rays are converted into light through the attached scintillator crystal. The light intensity is then measured by the photodiodes. The boards are employing chip-on-board technology with optically adapted scintillator crystals. The listed designs can be ordered as a standard part, but can also be customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Excelitas custom photodiode arrays give customers the option to choose the:

  • active photodiode area
  • total number of elements
  • overall PCB and photodiode chip dimensions
  • photodiode chip geometry and orientation
  • electro-optical specifications
  • single sided vs. double sided PCB
  • alternative substrate materials (e.g. ceramic)
  • electrical interface (e.g. connector)

Excelitas can also provide a complete sensor to X-Ray image solution for rapid development of 2D/3D imaging and threat detection. The G-PDA series consist of a photodiode array, integrated analog front-end and device intelligence for high speed readout electronics and Gigabit Ethernet interface reducing cost and time-to-market.