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Analytical Instrumentation and
Life Sciences Applications

Analytical and Life SciencesOEMs can confidently turn to Excelitas for answers that leverage our integrated light emission and detection solutions so they can focus on unlocking the mysteries around disease and treatment.

We are providing leading analytical and clinical diagnostics instrumentation OEMs with broad expertise in both light emission and detection. Excelitas offers our customers a range of products from discrete lamps and sensors to fully integrated light engines, analytical subsystems, and detection modules.

What’s New - Our low light level detection solutions are growing!
Excelitas is pleased to debut its new compact, low-noise, analogue, low light level detection module – LynXTM Silicon Photomultiplier Module – utilizing our newly developed, leading-edge SiPM chip technology.

Learn more about our expertise and deep portfolio of product offerings for Analytical Instrumentation, Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics.


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