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DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing

We provide OEMs with a breadth of components and sub-system design and manufacturing capabilities so that you can focus on accelerating the pace of DNA sequencing with novel approaches like SMRT.

We offer:

  • Broad expertise in light management – UV/Vis, NIR and IR
  • A variety of light engine design options – Xenon, LED-based and more
  • A broad range of cutting-edge photon detector technologies and products
  • Full application specific custom photonic bench design
  • Optical design and testing
  • Mechanical, thermal and electrical design
  • High-voltage pulsed power supply design
  • Microprocessor and software implementation and development
  • Applications-specific algorithm development
  • Comprehensive design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities in ISO 9001-certified facilities

Did You Know?

Excelitas’ cutting-edge technologies - such as our custom LED-based solutions - are helping enable rapid, low-cost, sequencing of the human genome.

Increased understanding of the individual’s genetic blueprint is ushering in the paradigm shift from treating symptoms towards tailored, highly personalized and preventive medicine approaches.

Excelitas understands the advantage of speed when it comes to design-ins for life sciences and drug discovery.