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Application Notes -

4 Channel Single Photon Counting Array Interface Board User Guide
APD Evaluation Board User Guide
Application Note - Photodiodes
Application Note - Phototransistors
Avalanche Photodiodes Users Guide
C30737 Series - Effect of Operating Conditions on Performance
Driving the ACULED VHL
Excelerate Ink Behavior to LED UV Source
Excelterate Print Sample Guide
High Performance Flash Application Note
Infrared Emitting Diodes Application Notes
Integrated Solar Simulator Design
Low Noise Optical Receiverusing SiAPD
LynX TM Silicon Photomultiplier Module User Guide
Mounting of the ACULED
OmniCure - Multi-Channel PLC Controller
OmniCure Custom Calibration S2000
OmniCure Custom Light Delivery Solutions
OmniCure Inside Out UV Curing Application Note
OmniCure SC10000 Application Note
PFL Application Note
Photodiode Typical Applications
Single Photon Counting with a focus on Biomedical Applications
Thermal Management of the ACULED VHL
Trigger Circuits
X-Cite Advantages of Temperature-Controlled Cooling in X-Cite 120LEDmini
X-Cite Emerging use of LEDs in Optogenetics
X-Cite Guide to Trigger X-Cite® XLED1 with the optiMOS sCMOS camera
X-Cite Is Pulsed LED Illumination Less Damaging to Living Cells?
X-Cite LaserLED Hybrid Drive™ filling the “Green Gap”
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