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Available Datasheets - Photonic Detectors

APD - APDs for Range Finding Applications
APD - C30645 and C30662 Series Large Area InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes
APD - C30659 Series – 900/1060/1550/1550E Si and InGaAs APD Preamplifier Modules
APD - C30659 UV APD Preamlifier Module
APD - C30659, C30950EH, 30919E Si PIN and APD Receiver Modules for Analytical and Industrial Applications
APD - C30724 for Range Finding Applications
APD - C30737 and C30724 High Speed, Low Voltage Si APD for Range Finding Applications
APD - C30737 High Speed, Low Voltage APD; C30724 Low Temperature Coefficient APD
APD - C30737CH Series in side-looking LLC Package for laser meter, range-finding, and area scanning applications
APD - C30737PH and C70737LH for Range Finding and Laser Meters
APD - C30737PH, CH, LH, MH and EH Series Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) for LIDAR, range finding and laser meters
APD - C30739ECERH Large Area Silicon Avalance Photodiodes - Short Wavelength Enhanced
APD - C30742-33 Series Silicon Photomultipliers
APD - C30817EH Silicon Avalanche Photodiode
APD – C30884EH series reach-through avalanche photodiode
APD - C30902 Silicon InGaAs APDs
APD - C30927 and C30985E for High-Performance Applications
APD - C30927 Series Si APD Arrays for Analytical Applications
APD - C30950EH Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Preamplifier Module
APD - C30954EH, C30955EH, C30956EH Series Long Wavelength Enhanced Silicon APDs
APD - C30985E 25-Element Linear Array
APD - LLAM Series Si and InGaAs Low-Light Analog Receiver Modules
APD - Reach Through APD Catalogue
C30617 and C30618 Series High Speed InGaAs Pin Photodiodes
C30742-11 Series Silicon Photomultipliers
C30742-66 Series Silicon Photomultipliers
Helix Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Module HeliX-902-200
Helix Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Module Helix-954-200
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