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Laser Warning Systems

Excelitas is the world leader in supplying off the shelf and customer specific laser warning detectors, including the Excelitas EXACTD series for ground vehicle, naval vessels, and fixed or rotary wing aircraft Laser Warning Systems. Our sensors are used to identify three types of laser threats:

Excelitas is committed to providing environmentally conscious advanced Laser Warning System solutions that keep our troops safe whether it be on the ground, in the air, or the water.

Did You Know?

Laser Warning refers to a system of sensors, which detect direct and indirect scattered laser light from laser rangefinders, laser designators, or beam-rider laser aided targeting systems. The systems detects light throughout a 360º azimuth in various elevations and angular resolutions.  The LWS warns the crew with audio and visual cues, it can initiate countermeasure procedures, and can be outfitted on aircraft, vehicles, ships, or static perimeter facilities.

The detection wavelengths are between .4µ to 1.8µ using various sensors and sensor materials to include Si and InGaAs.