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Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors and Sensors

Pyroelectric Detectors and Sensors

Among our offering of thermal IR detectors, Excelitas Pyroelectric Infrared (IR) Detectors define the leading edge of motion detection technology and are serving a wide range of applications in smart home, smart city, IOT, burglary detection and security systems.

Excelitas offers a variety of both digital and analog Pyroelectric IR Detectors. Excelitas Pyroelectrics are available in Single-, Dual- and Quad-Element configurations to meet a wide range of integration and performance needs. The specification of “Elements” relates to the size of the infrared absorbing surface which directly affects the performance and sensitivity of the sensor.

Single-Element Pyroelectrics are often applied for temperature and gas measuring applications in one-channel or dual-channel variants, which is then one output per element. Single-Element variants are offered as thermally compensated devices.
Dual-Element configurations have been well established as the performance standard for motion detection. Among the many options, Excelitas offers various window sizes to meet your desired field-of-view.
Quad-Element Detectors are available as single channel, (i.e. 4 elements in series, or as 2 pair of Dual Elements as a Dual Channel design). Both are applied in motion and presence detection applications, mostly in ceiling-mount designs.

The Excelitas DigiPyro® is the industry’s one and only, “truly digital” pyroelectric infrared detector, setting the standard in digital motion and presence detection. Excelitas offers a complete range of DigiPyro IR detectors in TO metal housings, including our Dual-Element models (PYD 1788 and 1798); and Quad-element models (PYQ 2898 and PYQ 5848).

For battery-operated motion detection Excelitas introduces the Low-Power DigiPyro with Dual-Element (PYD 1588 and 1598) and Quad-Element (PYQ 1548) configurations, all featuring digital output. With operating voltage requirements of only 1.8V - 3.6V, these sensors are ideal for integration with mobile or remotely located devices. With the special “Wake-up” feature, the Low-Power DigiPyro enables systems to substantially reduce their power consumption by operating only the detector, which when triggered, will then wake up the peripherlal electronics that are in “power-off” sleep mode. >>> Learn more

For simple Light switch applications we provide an all electronics inclusive sensor, the series of "Smart" DigiPyros (PYD 1096 and PYQ 1098). >>> CLICK to inquire

Video Library IR Sensing

Visit our IR Detection Video Library for informative videos on the many features, functions and applications of Excelitas’ fine IR Sensing products.

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Did you know that Excelitas Pyroelectric Detectors are key components in enabling the leading edge of Smart Home and IOT device development and functionality?

Product List
LHi 1128Ceiling Mount Pyro
PYQ 1398Ceiling Mount Pyro
PYQ 5868DigiPyro® Dual Channel
PYQ 2898DigiPyro® Dual Channel
PYS 3228Dual Channel Pyro
PYD 1096Dual Element "Smart DigiPyro®"
LHi 968Dual Element Detector
PYD 1398Dual Element Detector
PYQ 1098Four Element "Smart DigiPyro®"
LHi 807High Sensitivity Single Channel Pyro
LHi 778Low Cost Pyro
LHi 878Low Cost Pyro
LHi 944Low Profile Pyro
PYD 5731Miniature Dual Element DigiPyro®